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Announcing The Top Ten Volunteer Reads 2017!

22 February 2017

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We’re excited to announce our Top Ten Volunteer Reads for summer 2017! These are the books we’ll be recommending to the young volunteers supporting the Summer Reading Challenge later this year. Look out for competitions, author interviews and hack ideas too!

The final selection has everything from compulsive thrillers and ancient Norse myths to poetry on the football pitch and out-of-this world romance… As Skipton Reading Hackers described it; “There’s a lot of queer, a lot of strong females and a lot of death… Brilliant!”

Booked (Kwame Alexander)
Moondust (Gemma Fowler)
The Edge of Everything (Jeff Giles)
The One Memory of Flora Banks (Emily Barr)
I Have No Secrets (Penny Joelson)
One of Us is Lying (Karen M. McManus)
Orangeboy (Patrice Lawrence)
The Otherlife (Julia Gray)
Unboxed (Non Pratt)
Like Other Girls (Claire Hennessy)

You’ll find these books in libraries across the UK during the Summer Reading Challenge 2017.

How the Top Ten was chosen

We asked publishers to send us the new and upcoming books they’re most excited about, and then Reading Hackers from Bolton Library, Skipton Library, College of West Anglia, Darwen Aldridge Community Academy and Bristol Library chose the ones they want to recommend to summer volunteers.

Reading Hack reviews

“It’s dyslexia friendly and has a good plot. The theme of losing and then regaining friendships is very emotive and makes you think about your own life.”
Darwen Aldridge Community Academy on Unboxed

“Loved the strong female Q characters!” Skipton Library Reading Hackers on Like Other Girls

“Ten out of ten; I love it.” College of West Anglia on Orangeboy

“I’d recommend it because it is about two male footballers and about the football life.” College of West Anglia on Booked

“The amnesia angle in this is really intriguing and something very different from lots of other YA books out there.” Bolton Imaginators on The One Memory of Flora Banks