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Receive up to £500 to fund your big idea

9 December 2016

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The Reading Hack Call for Ideas is open! We’re looking for six groups of young people (aged 13-24) to come up with a project or idea that will encourage other young people to read more.

The solution can be anything that your group believe will encourage more young people to enjoy reading, or will make reading more accessible. It could be an event, a short film, a volunteering opportunity, an anthology or something else entirely. We’re looking for something exciting and fun that will appeal to those who don’t usually describe themselves as readers.

The solution must:

  • Reach as many other young people as possible
  • Be shareable online in some way (this can be as a blog or video if you run an event)

The deadline for ideas is Monday 29th January 2018. A panel of young people will then review all the applications and choose six groups to receive up to £500. These groups will then have until Friday 1st June 2018 to complete or carry out their idea.

You can apply for the Call for Ideas here

You can find out more about the Call for Ideas and the application process here