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Reading Well Author Interview

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What is it?

Interview an author from the Reading Well for Young People list.

Young people from Lewisham and Gateshead interviewed Juno Dawson, Reading Well author and LGBTQ* spokeswoman about her latest novel, 'Margot and Me'.

The groups read extracts from 'Margot and Me' and Juno's Reading Well book, 'Mind Your Head' then emailed her with questions.

You can read the interviews on our blog now.


Choose a Reading Well for Young People book to read alone or in a group. You could talk about what you've read together but you don't have to share anything that you don't want to.

Get in touch with the author to let them know your thoughts; most authors have an email address on their website, or you could try social media.

Send the author some questions to answer - you could publish these on the school or library blog or on social media.