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Samantha Shannon Book Trailer Hack

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What is it?

Explore the world of The Bone Season series and create a book trailer.

The Bone Season is a groundbreaking fantasy series that has been described as “part Hunger Games dystopia, part urban fantasy”. This hack challenges you to create a book trailer by picking out key moments and themes within the series.

Where will it happen?

You can do this anywhere, but you'll need the following:

- Information about the series. Read the books if you can, and do some online research.

- A3 paper and pens or pencils to create a storyboard of scenes

- Something to film with. Video cameras, iPads or smart phones would all work.

- Editing software to link different scenes together. Try iMovie, Windows Movie Maker or Youtube.

When is it?

This is a one-off project, but it will probably take several sessions to plan, film and edit the trailer.


A guide to creating a book trailer:

A beginner’s guide to using iMovie on a Mac:

A beginner’s guide to using iMovie on an iPad:

A beginner’s guide to using Windows Movie Maker on a PC:

Copyright free sound effects can be downloaded from:

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