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Coping with Depression my mental illness

  • Writing

What is it?

Plan you story it does not need to be a lot of Page will do.

You could do a mind map of ideas to help you.

Or you could you real experiences it just up to you

Where will it happen?

A small room and a quiet space.

When is it?

Any time any where when you have time


Need a pencil and pen and paper. Of use the computer.

Activity log

Coping with Depression my mental illness.

My name is Faiza I am 29 and I was diagnosed with Depression on 24/01/2017 I been suffering for the past two years and I was born in Pakistan and I have brought up in the UK I am originally from Surrey South East of England and through my life I have been bullied at primary, middle and high schools into my college days on what I wear, my hair style and when I finished college I started work in a supermarket I was harassed by dad family been throw all sorts of items such potatoes, bananas, shoes I was told I shouldn't have been born and shouldn't be in the UK and go to home country of Pakistan. When I used to tell my dad about his family harassing me and bullying he said I was lying and there never went to workplace.

For the past two years I am happily married my wedding day was 07/06/2017 and that was the best day of my life and been back home in Pakistan I was really happy been in a family environment and since coming back in the new year 2017 I was diagnosed with Depression I am currently on medications for Sertraline 50mg with this I go to Lancashire Women Centre for mindfit programmes such as Why Worry, The Planner and hopefully I want to do the The Journey with this I am currently volunteering for British Red Cross as Retail Volunteer where I go for to gain retail experiences and I mostly work on the shop floor where prices items, working on the till using different methods of payments, talking to customers where I can tell about any offers and tidying the shop up. This has given my confidence and ability to talk to other people around me.

I have been from suffering from bullying, harassment and domestic abuse from variety of different reasons it is because I was born in Pakistan or it me been in the UK where I have been since arriving from the Pakistan?

At lastly I want to say this is me how I coping with my depression this is my mental illness at the moment. I left my depression for too long if I know about my illness I would got a earliest treatment.

It's Time to Change with a new thought: Let End Mental Health Discrimination.