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Summer Volunteering 2017

  • Help others
  • Social reporting
  • Arts and crafts
  • Events
  • Digital
  • DofE Volunteering
  • Games
  • Animation
  • Books
  • Social media
  • Activism
  • Arts Award leadership
  • Arts Award taking part

What is it?

Volunteer at your local library to help with this year's Summer Reading Challenge!

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When is it?

Summer 2017.


Ask a member of staff in your local library about summer volunteering opportunities, or email

Activity log

Second session of volunteering and so far not much different from the last...extremely quiet...haven't helped any children at all...

I have just finished lots of different hacks and I am excited to potentially see some children coming in later.

Quite quiet in the library with not many people around, not great for helping the children as there are none to help :(

I am excited to sign up some more children to the summer reading challenge. Animal agents is a very interesting theme and I feel many children should enjoy reading books with this category.

I have been sorting out the messy shelves from naughty kids who didn't put their books away.

I have been helping children log their books that they have read and their opinions on the different books. It is great fun listening to their view on the books and their perception on what it was about. Some of them are so adorable and interesting!

I met with my local library manager to confirm dates for volunteering.

I start my volunteering today but it is very quiet so here I am...

Had the training session for the volunteering on the 15th

Signing kids into the challenge

Go check out my new hack called Old Character New Book

I had e meeting today talking about the reading challenge

Putting the children books back on the shelf in Corby library

Reader development training and volunteer induction session @ Stockton central library, 1:30pm - 3:30pm