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A Day in the Life of a Reading Hacker: Highfields School

10 October 2017

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Students from Highfields School applied to the Reading Hack Project Fund so that they could host a book-themed ‘Bake Off’ competition in their school.

“We had been taking turns bringing home-bakes to book club. This inspired our idea – a book themed bake-off! We decided to have five categories: star-bake, book club star-bake, most tasty cake, most creative cake and cake with best link to a book. Each entry had to be linked to a book in some way.”

The group put up posters around the school and posted an advertisement on the school website and newsletters. They spent the money on prizes for the winning entries; prizes were a book token and a gift voucher to have afternoon tea at a local café.

Book Bake Off (all).jpg

Here are some of the best entries from the competition, inspired by Girl Meets Cake, The Very Hungry Caterpillar and ‘The Monster Book of Monsters’ from the Harry Potter series.

The group had a great time organising the competition. “It was fun and cool, tasty and book-ish… we really recommend this idea to other schools to do it as well."

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