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A Day in the Life of a Reading Hacker: Leah from Gateshead

16 August 2017

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We love hearing from Reading Hackers about the exciting ways they’ve made a difference through volunteering. Leah (14) from Gateshead got in touch to share her first Reading Hack event.

“I was nervous arriving at the Spiegel Tent in Gateshead on Thursday morning, as it was my first Reading Hack event. The event was called ‘Toddle to the Spiegel’ and staff and volunteers from Gateshead Central Library were singing songs & rhymes to babies and toddlers in a special tent on the quayside.

My nerves were quickly turned around as I was made welcome by Chris, Sandra, Maria and Mark. There were about 25-30 children at the first rhymetime, and I thoroughly enjoyed helping the children and parents sing songs and get involved with all of the actions.

After we’d finished the first session, Chris and Maria got us all refreshments and everyone perked up more. For the next group, people came in early because of the heavy rain. In this group there were about 50 people and we sang and danced again. This time Maria read ‘Every Bunny Dance’ and everyone joined in. It was a really enjoyable morning.

In the afternoon we did a lot of advertising in our Reading Hack and Animal Agents t-shirts. We promoted library events to the public and talked to people about the Summer Reading Challenge – it was a great day!"

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