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Dare to be different: A guest blog by Siobhan Curham

13 July 2016

Medium siobhan curham
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We are all as uniquely different as our DNA and yet society and the media can often seem determined to turn us into clones. We’re encouraged to look the same, dress the same and act the same and anyone who embraces their individuality can end up being labelled a ‘freak’.

When I wrote The Moonlight Dreamers I wanted it to be a celebration of daring to be different. The four main characters come together to support each other in being their true selves and chasing their unique dreams.

At the very beginning of the book, one of the main characters, Amber, looks out over London and thinks surely there must be other people like her out there somewhere. ‘Other people who didn’t fit in, or want to fit in, other people who craved excitement and adventure. Other moonlight dreamers.’ It’s a line that really seems to be resonating with early readers and reviewers.

I get the feeling that there are loads of people out there itching to be daring and different but scared they’ll be ridiculed for doing so. Maybe it’s time we all became bolder and wonderfully weirder. Then the world would become a much more colourful and accepting place.