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Discover John Green: A blog by Reading Hacker Octavia

17 March 2016

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Hi, my name is Octavia and I am a Reading Hack Youth Advisor. I love reading and enjoy a range of books but recently have been transfixed by a number of books by the same author. If you are searching for someone inspiring, John Green has proven himself as a talented author. I want to tell you about four of his amazing novels and hopefully encourage you to give them a try and discover this great writer.

Looking for Alaska

Looking for Alaska is a fantastic read which tackles hope, grief, love, and death. It explores the life of a teenager called Miles starting a new school, making new friends and falling in love with Alaska. Then something unexpected happens which causes Miles to totally re-examine his situation and eventually forgive himself while helping to plan a final, amazing event for Alaska.

An Abundance of Katherines

This book is about Colin – a child prodigy who has been dumped nineteen times, all by girls called Katherine. Heartbroken, he leaves for a road trip with his friend Hassan and arriving in a new town, the boys make new friends, get jobs and experience pain in love. Colin begins working on his new ‘love equation’ and makes a shocking discovery. The boys learn about love, dedication and freedom while the reader connects with the characters, making their stories truly personal.

Paper Towns

This book takes you on a thrilling journey, exploring the relationship between friends and the mysterious girl (Margo) next door who the main character Quentin is madly in love with. When Margo disappears once again, after an exhilarating night with Quentin, he believes she wants him to find her. This leads to a road trip with his friends, old and new after finding clues showing them the destination. They aim to find Margo and make it back before prom. This book covers friendship, adventure and perseverance and I would recommend reading this book and watching the new film.

The Fault in their Stars

Cancer is a life changing illness and in this book, both our love-stricken main characters have it. Their complicated, powerful relationship leads them to evaluate their lives, with a book that Hazel lends to Augustus leading them across the world to meet the the author she has worshipped since discovering the book. This novel is beautiful with the dramatic, surprising ending being emotional yet apt considering the disease they both suffered. This book is a one of the most famous novels by John Green with a film adaptation, giving you a personal insight into the love shared between young people.

John Green is an emotive writer whose books demonstrate his talent and dedication in creating books for the public to read. Reading is such an important thing to do as expands your imagination and allows you to experience different worlds and adventures from sitting on your sofa at home. I urge you to read these books and live these stories, just like I did.