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Hack ideas for pick and mix

23 November 2015

Medium pickandmix
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Here’s some great ideas we’ve gathered for Hackers who love to mix things up a little.

Create prose and poetry by remixing reading. Make characters from two different stories talk to each other, or mashup lines from blogs about important global and local issues into hacktivist poetry.

Remix reading with these hacks

Remixed Reads: Cut up pages from two of your favourite books and rearrange the lines into a poem.
Internet Poetry Hack: Use search terms to remix the internet into poetry.
Poetry Hacktivism: Cut up pages from magazines, newspapers or printed blogs about issues that matter to you and make a poem
Character Hack: Cut up the dialogue of two characters in two books and make them talk to each other in a new conversation.
• “Fairytale Hack:”/designs/109 Make a new fairy tale by hacking together two old fairy tales. This is good for reading buddies or helping children with their reading.

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