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How to make your CV stand out

17 August 2016

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Volunteering will always look good on your CV – it shows you have experience of the world of work, but also that you have a social conscience and that you’re invested in your future.

Now that you’ve finished volunteering with the Summer Reading Challenge, you’re probably thinking about using your experience to apply for jobs, college courses, apprenticeships, internships – or something else entirely!

Here are five ways to make the most of your Summer Reading Challenge volunteer work on your CV:

  • Think about the skills you demonstrated that are useful in any job. Did you work in a team, were you organised, did you need to communicate with lots of different people?
  • Highlight anything you did that’s related to the job, course or placement you’re applying for – that might be the thing that gives you the edge over another candidate!
  • Mention any challenges you encountered, and how you overcame them. It’s better to show that you can cope when things don’t go to plan than to pretend everything was perfect.
  • Say why you chose to volunteer on the Summer Reading Challenge – it shows you have interests and passions.
  • Own your achievements – maybe you signed more children up for the Summer Reading Challenge than anyone else, or created an amazing display for the library. Here’s your chance to brag about it!

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