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Reading Hack and Arts Award

24 December 2015

Medium arts award
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You can use lots of Reading Hack activities and volunteering hacks towards getting an Arts Award.

Hackers who volunteer for the Summer Reading Challenge or take-part in year-round library volunteering roles develop valuable skills and knowledge that can be used towards Arts Awards at Bronze, Silver or Gold levels. This means double the achievement for the same amount of time from you. If you’re already using your volunteering towards your Duke of Edinburgh’s award that’s not a problem – you can use it for Arts Award too!

What is Arts Award?

Arts Award helps you grow your own talents, explore the arts, be a creative leader…and get yourself a qualification. You can do an Arts Award in any area of the arts from fashion to poetry, rapping to dancing, sculpture to film. You can be the creator or performer of your own work, or develop your skills in essential roles like marketing or stage management.

You’ll need to work with an Arts Award adviser so ask at school or your youth group or library if there’s anyone who can support you. You can find local Arts Award centres here.

For Bronze Arts Award you’ll get to:

  • take part in arts activities, like having a go at writing an alternative ending or a soundtrack to a scene for your favourite book
  • research artists and their work, enjoy talks by writers, illustrators or poets at your library or work with artists who run craft workshops? Or you could use library resources to find more out about a creative person you admire.
  • review arts experiences, you could read or listen to a book, or see an exhibition, then share your opinions with others at the library or through social media.
  • share your arts skills with others, this could be running craft activities with children for the Summer Reading Challenge, creating a `how to’ blog post about an arts-based hack or finding creative ways to help others develop their reading skills

For Silver and Gold you’ll also:

  • set yourself arts challenges, develop your skills in creative writing or drawing comic books, or learn something new like stop-motion animation
  • research arts careers and the arts sector be a volunteer to find out more about creative careers in libraries, literature and beyond
  • organise your own projects, plan, deliver and review an arts project to get others reading

Hacks and Arts Award

To help you we’ve tagged hacks to show which bit of Arts Award they fit with for the taking part and sharing skills or leadership. Search for hacks which will help you with these by using the interests filter.

If you need any help matching your Reading Hack to Arts Award talk to your Arts Award adviser or pop a question on Arts Award Voice’s Facebook page.

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