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Shelf Help: Bullying

14 August 2017

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The start of a new term can feel intimidating, especially if you’re worried about bullying. If you are, you’re not alone: in 2015 a survey found that 36% of young people were worried about being bullied.

If you’re being bullied, or know someone who is, the Reading Well for young people booklist can help. Bullying can make anyone feel cut off from the people around them, but the list is full of real-life stories from people have gone through similar experiences offering helpful support and advice.

Vicious: True Stories by Teens About Bullying by Hope Vanderberg is full of honest, personal stories from young people, for young people. The essays deal with a huge variety of the different types of bullying whether physical, verbal or online. You’ll find the support and understanding you need in the different perspectives and experiences it covers.

Bullies, Cyberbullies and Frenemies by Michele Elliott is a fun, practical look at navigating your social relationships. Outlining the steps you can take when you’re being bullied as well as offering tips for bullies to change their behaviour, this helpful guide will tell you the signs of bullying, how it happens and what you can do about it.

If you are worried about bullying, don’t keep it to yourself. YoungMinds, who helped to create the Reading Well for young people booklist, have advice about where to get help if you’re being bullied.

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Leave a review on the Reading Well website.

Visit the YoungMinds website to find out more about how to get help.