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Sita Brahmachari visits Newcastle Library

3 November 2016

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Reading Hackers in Newcastle hosted an event with Sita Brahmachari for the BBC #LoveToRead festival. Here’s their blog report of the day:

After a short tour of Newcastle City Library, Sita began with a brilliant ice breaker, which involved passing round her necklace, an artichoke heart inspired by her first novel, and having everyone say their name and tell a story about it. She was fantastic at involving everyone in conversation and encouraged everyone to talk and reveal something about themselves.

During the session members of the audience were asked to come up and read extracts from Sita’s novel Kite Spirit, including an appropriate scene when the character Kite finds comfort in the Angel of The North. Sita commented that it was a privilege to hear other people reading her stories aloud and it made the novel seem a lot more real to her.

Sita also asked the audience to find a partner and discuss with them the pressures that young people are under, such as body image, social media pressure, exam pressures, life choices and many more and we talked about the importance of speaking out about problems with friends, family or professionals. We also discussed how helpful the Reading Well for young people collection of books can be and how important it was to have fiction and non-fiction books available which young people can use to help with any problems.

Sita then finished the session by asking everyone to think of their Kite Spirit moment, a moment in their life when they have felt their proudest or happiest. There were some fantastic stories and Sita revealed that one of the happiest moments in her life was after her first book was published and her husband had her artichoke heart necklace made especially for her.

The session was fantastic and everyone came away feeling happy and inspired. Sita later tweeted to say: ‘Was so lovely to meet you and share the Kite Spirit on such a blue sky day in Newcastle.’