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The Novella Project

8 August 2018

Medium holland house
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Holland House publishers is running The Novella Project, supported by Arts Council England. The purpose of the project is to publish two novellas by new authors from minority and working class backgrounds. The project is to be run by interns from similar backgrounds, with training and education given throughout.

The publisher wants to provide opportunities for writers and young people from groups that are underrepresented in the book trade who are keen on pursuing careers in publishing.

“I’ve had a chance to gain an overview of the publishing business as well as specific experience in editing and publicity.” (Intern from 2016).

They are currently looking for young people from under-represented backgrounds to work as interns. Because the work is part time, interns will be able to pursue studies or earn a living wage while running the project. They will be trained, supervised, mentored and supported throughout the life of the project, which will be about a year. At the end of the project each intern will be paid £500. This is a minimum payment and extra sums could be available depending on the success of the books. All expenses will, of course, be paid. For more information, please contact Robert Peett at

Check out the previous novellas published as part of the scheme:

The Murder of Miss O by Issara Simone Edwards

Affliction by Kasim

Oh Honey by Emily R. Austin

Dead Dogs & Angels by Mickela Sonola