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Volunteering can count towards your Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

16 June 2016

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You may not have heard already, but Reading Hack summer volunteers can count their hours towards achieving the volunteering section of their Duke of Edinburgh’s Award! Whether you’re spending the summer volunteering with the Summer Reading Challenge, or participating in a year-round volunteering role with your library, those hours you’re putting into helping others read can give you an extra boost too!

The Reading Agency has been licensed as an Approved Activity Provider for the DofE, which means that the hours you spend volunteering in the libraries can help you achieve your Award. You can start your DofE once you’re 14 and the programme includes 4 sections, Volunteering, Physical, Skills and Expedition. Agree with your library when you start if you can volunteer for the length of time you need, from 3 – 18 months. This means double the achievement for the same amount of time from you!


You will need to talk to a DofE Leader in your local DofE centre if you’re not already signed-up to complete your DofE. You can search for your local centre here. Ask a librarian at the start of your volunteering to be your Assessor, they can see your progress and write your Assessors report at the end.

If this is the first you’ve hear about DofE, check out their website here.
Did you know that Comedian Holly Walsh is an impressive Gold DofE Award holder? Check out Holly’s experience of volunteering skills below.