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Favourite Character Top Trumps

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What is it?

The idea of this Hack is to create a unique set of Top Trump cards using you and your friends' favourite book characters. You can each pick a few favourite book characters and create Top Trump cards for them, using an agreed set of categories such as Brains, Strength, Wit, Powers etc. You can then use these cards again and again to play Top Trumps.

What sort of space will you need?

A small space such as a table, as well as some paper/card and coloured pens.

When could it take place?

Any time when you have a spare moment to create your cards; games generally take no longer than 15 minutes.


Get together with a small group of friends or fellow volunteers and each come up with a few favourite book characters. Then you can agree on a set of categories and create the cards, rating each character from 1-100 for that category. If you don't know how to play Top Trumps, you can Google it as it is a very easy game.