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ImagiNation book bellybands

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What is it?

Step 1: Sign-up to ImagiNation 2017 at your local library

Step 2: Choose & read a book from your library. Maybe choose something you don't usually read?

Step 3: Grab an ImagiNation book belly band and creatively express on there how the book made you feel.

Step 4: Once finished, secure the belly band around that book with a bit of tape.

Step 5: Take a picture of your book and band and upload it to the site.

Step 6: Place your book with its belly band on the ImagiNation display in your library to inspire other young people to read.

Step 7: Keep going! Do as many as you like.

Step 8: At the end of the summer, collect your reward for taking part.

What sort of space will you need?

The good thing is that it can be done in almost any space. If you want to go big with this and will need lots of space and equipment, talk to your local library staff who will help you.

When could it take place?

This is for the summer months. ImagiNation starts July 15 2017 and runs until the start of September 2017.


What could your next step be? Could you take it one stage further and try to animate or film what you've done?

Use your ImagiNation!