What is it?

Missing Monsters is about a city of monsters, and their Queen and King have gone missing and so the prince and princess need the children's help to find them. The children will be given a map of monster city, and after reading 2 books, will be given extra clues(such as, things found on the ground) and prizes. It will be the same when they read 4 books, and then when they read 6 books, they will be given the final clues, find the Queen and King, and be given a badge, medal and certificate in the awards ceremony(if they can come, but they will be given an invitation).

What sort of space will you need?

They would set up different 'bases' around different libraries and it could be any type of space that they have, but preferably on a desk.

When could it take place?

It could take place during the summer, when most children will visit the library, and will not be reading as much because they are not in school.


Some extra activities could be; treasure hunts, looking around the 'monster city', and talking to some 'local monsters'. There could also be other extra activities depending on the library.