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Turn A Book Into A Board Game!

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What is it?

Design a board game based on your favourite book: either something completely new, loosely based on the plot of the book, or adapt a current board game into a book edition.
For example, I made a Harry Potter Monopoly from scratch & copied out all the cards. I also started designing a new game with complicated rules based on a book series containing some serious vampire hierarchy (no it's not Twilight).

What sort of space will you need?

use a desk, shed or craft area. you'll need space to leave it if you don't finish it in one day.

When could it take place?

This will probably take a while, depending on how dedicated you are. It took me an entire day each time I remade Monopoly, and a few weeks to design a fully new game. Using a holiday is a good idea, if you plan on something complicated.


Plan. Seriously, think about what you're doing and where you want this to go. If you're making up an entirely new game this is going to take you a lot more time.

pens, paper, (large) card, pencils/rubbers, felt tips, ruler, scissors, glue etc

you could work alone or in small groups depending on how you work best but make sure you choose a book/series to adapt that you all enjoy!

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