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School Library Monitors

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What is it?

Pupils volunteering in the library for roughly an hour a week during their free time. Pupils work through a training scheme learning library assistant skills and helping promote reading and the library.

What sort of space will you need?

School Library

When could it take place?

Whenever it suits pupils/ librarian but usually a combination of break, lunch and before or after school. Totaling a minimum an hour a week.


1. pupils volunteer to help in the school library.
2. working - librarian allocates tasks and train how to do jobs around the library - from shelving to cataloging to displays to book recommendations.
3. pupils run their own reading hacks!

For larger groups roles can be allocated to days with a pupil taking on leadership role for that day team.

Librarian also needs to make up a training scheme (or adapt one) and then celebrate with pupils as they work their way through.

Helpful stuff

Recommended reads


Terrific Trainees: Pupil Helpers and the School Library

by Nikki Heath, Geoff Dubber