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Words to Music

  • Poetry
  • Music
  • Writing


What is it?

Every time somebody reads a chapter of the book that person has to turn it into a song/rap or make it rhyme. This way they are more likely to remember what happened in the chapter and it will be fun to write and rhyme the words.

What sort of space will you need?

They do not need much space to do it in. Once, they have read a chapter of a book they just pick up a pen and paper and start writing away.

When could it take place?

It does not have to be a specific time so this a regular hack.


They need to read a chapter of any book then they pick up a pen and paper. First, to help them, they should write a brief summary of what happened in that chapter. Then, look at a few words to see if they rhyme with anything.If they are having trouble to rhyme then they can use a rhyming website that rhymes words together. If that other word relates to the chapter then they can use that as lyrics for the song.