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Summer Volunteering 2019

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What is it?

Volunteer in your local library to support Space Chase, the Summer Reading Challenge 2019

When could it take place?

Volunteering opportunities will be available over the summer holidays.


There are lots of things young volunteers do to help run the Summer Reading Challenge.

Some common roles include:

  • Helping staff to sign children up to the Summer Reading Challenge

  • Helping children to choose new books

  • Talking to children about the books they've been reading

  • Giving out incentive items and certificates as children progress through the Challenge

  • Helping to promote and lead summer activities such as craft sessions, story-times and coding clubs

  • Helping to create library displays

Take a look at the different hacks on this website for more event and activity ideas.

Contact your local library to find out about volunteering opportunities in your area. Click here to search for your closest library service