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Board game

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What is it?

Create a board game using a book that you have recently read. Put in obstacles that the characters meet on the way through the story. You can also put in good things for when the characters do something good or work something out.

What sort of space will you need?

You can do this in any place that you feel comfortable and happy working in. It doesn't have to be very big. As long as you have access to resources like paper and pens it is a good place to work.

When could it take place?

This does not have to take place at a certain time. You can do it whenever you want.


you will need card or paper. you can then draw on it or cut shapes out or anything to create a board game based on a book.

You may find it easier to work in a group to achieve this. You can also search up board games on the internet and take inspiration from board games that people can buy today.