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Internet Poetry Hack

  • Writing
  • Poetry


What is it?

Using search terms to remix the internet into poetry.

What sort of space will you need?

Anywhere with an internet connection, smartphone or computer.

When could it take place?



1. Choose two search terms. Try and choose very different words or ideas e.g. Astronomy and Banana or Aroma and Computer. You can give a few terms a quick try to see if they bring up interesting and varied results.
2. When you’re happy with your choices, enter the search terms into Google or other search engine. Get several A4 paper and as you read the results, jot down between 3-5 lines you like with ONE line on each piece of paper. You don’t have to click through to the webpages, just read the search engine results listed on Google.
3. Look over everything you’ve written down. Which lines are the most striking? Which lines work together with other lines? Try arranging them into a poem.
4. Type up the final poem