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Activity log

If you have ten minutes to spare, fill in the Reading Hack summer volunteering survey. All replies will be entered into a prize draw to win a £50 voucher!

At my library we do volunteering in 4 hour intervials. So far I've done 7 totaling to 28 hours.

I did my first volunteering session on the 24th of July and finished all 20 hours yesterday. I'm also doing 8 extra hours of volunteering with my library. Being a reading chanellege volunteer has boosted my communication skills and my abilty to answer questions efficiantly. Throughout the 5 sesions I've done so far I've seen many exited faces coming to the desk ready to collect thier reward for rewding the books. I've signed up many people, spoke to children about their books, rewarded medals and certificates, put checked in child books back on the shelves and put the aplications in alpetical order. I have gained a wide range of skills from volunteering and I'm happy that I signed up and will be doing it again in 2018.