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We are Gateshead Reading Hack and we have been part of the Reading Activists for the last 2 years. We've met authors, put on events, won Reading Agency competitions and showcased our work in London. We love being involved!

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Activity log

This hack consists of using books titles used as anagrams, in order to make and come out with as many words as possible - in 3 mins for each. The person with the most words wins.

Similarly, to the last book review hack with Tara Stewart (Photographer); a few months ago me and the other members of the Reading Hack have also been given another opportunity to work with another Creative Practitioner. As a result, "Phil Larry" - local musician and songwriter from a country style band, who helped us creating a song related to the book's story called "I Totally Funniest" by James Patterson. Our task was to convert the book into a song and thanks to Phil we've been able to do it. In order to carry this out, we've been meeting up and working with him throughout 2 sessions, where in both of them we have all contributed to the creation of the lyrics - to then let Phil compose the tune. We have been doing this by picking up key words and sentences from the book, which it kind of helped us being self-managers and at the same time team-workers, as we've been sharing our opinions and ideas around to each other - to be able to build something up. A video has been recorded on the last session, for the final completed piece of the song and it has also been shared on the Reading Activists' website and Youtube.

A couple of years ago there also was another opportunity of working with a Creative Practitioner "Tara Stewart" - Photographer; to help me and the other members of the group (Reading Activists) to produce any sort of creative ideas in order to make a book review for: "Stay Where You Are and Then Leave" by John Boyne. As a result, we all have been contributing and working with Tara by creating Old Fashioned Look Photo Collages Craft by using different resources, which were supplied by her to help us express ourselves and being more creative - by also taking the advantage of her photography skills and abilities to make these creations. Thanks to her, we then were able to create a video (using Movie Maker) with the help of one of the members of the group, to make the review of the book by including the photos taken - produced with Tara. The video also included really short brief summaries on each slide, to give others an idea of what the book is about - to then add at the really end our overall personal comments over the book's plot. Lastly, our hack idea then got shared on the Reading Activists' website and Youtube.