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Make a book trailer

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What is it?

Learn new digital skills by creating a book trailer for a favourite book

Where will it happen?

You could film it in a space that reminds you of the book.


1. Check out some book trailers. Such as the official book trailerfor The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

2. Think about what makes a good book trailer. Think about the book’s title and author, quotes from the book, a good soundtrack, striking images, positive quotes from readers/fans and a call to action (i.e. read the book!).

3. Plan out a storyboard. Divide the paper into 9 boxes, and sketch out up to 9 key scenes or moments.

4. Turn the storyboard into a script. You’ll need to work out everyone’s roles in the trailer. Think about props, scenery and costumes.

5. Start filming! Suggest that one person films whilst someone else acts as the director.

6. Edit your video clips into one long video using either imovie, Windows Movie Player or YouTube. Add sound effects and music. Copyright free sound effects can be downloaded from here the internet.

7. Share your finished video on social media sites and don’t forget to tweet a link to the author in question!

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