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What is it?

This is about helping children to read books.

Where will it happen?


When is it?



1) work with a young child
2) choose a book for them to read
3) read the book to them, after you finish reading to them ask them questions about the book. e.g what was the book about?.

Activity log

I shelved a lot of books today and also helped find reservations.

today I shelved several books and signed up a number of people to the reading challenge.

I love reading and if I'm not to busy like on Monday I will get th children to read me a few pages from there book and I have severe certificates one for the 3-5 one for the 6-8 and one for th 9-12 that say that they are superstar reader or for the Older ones that they are a brilliant reader

I returned books to correct places on shelves as returned to library.
I helped with the reading challenge and went to find some files that were needed in the office

I helped with reading challenge again today and I also prepared the art activity for making dream catchers with the children.

I helped with the reading challenge where children came to me and they told me what the book was about and which part they liked the best. Also when there are no children coming to read I helped by putting the children's files in surname order.