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A story

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What is it?

An inventive hack idea, in which you take any story that you please, and summarise the plot line with a meer six words.

Where will it happen?

A desk or anywhere you please.

When is it?



Think of a story and summarise the story, getting it down to 6 words to represent that story.

Activity log

Tess of the D'Urbervilles: women are scapegoated for another's crimes.

Watership Down: we should be kinder to wildlife.

The Last Unicorn: which is worse; loneliness or regret?

The Circle: the information age has its faults.

The Penelopiad: giving minor characters their own voice.

I summed up 'A View from the Bridge' in six words: 'Eddie's innapropriate feelings lead to murder.'

In this hack idea I've been helping Molly and other members of the group with one of the drawings, which it then got used on the video to show the basic story line.