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Stay Where You Are and Then Leave - Book Review (Group Task)

  • Writing
  • Film making
  • Photography
  • Arts and crafts
  • Music
  • Poetry
  • Digital
  • Games
  • Animation
  • Theatre
  • Spoken Word
  • Comedy

What is it?

Take a read and and re-tell it in a completely different format, such as a comic book, animation, video game, or painting.


Pick a read and brainstorm what makes the read interesting. Make notes on the characters, story, voice, and anything else that grabs your attention. Re-tell the read to others using a completely different art form.

Activity log

A couple of years ago there also was another opportunity of working with a Creative Practitioner "Tara Stewart" - Photographer; to help me and the other members of the group (Reading Activists) to produce any sort of creative ideas in order to make a book review for: "Stay Where You Are and Then Leave" by John Boyne. As a result, we all have been contributing and working with Tara by creating Old Fashioned Look Photo Collages Craft by using different resources, which were supplied by her to help us express ourselves and being more creative - by also taking the advantage of her photography skills and abilities to make these creations. Thanks to her, we then were able to create a video (using Movie Maker) with the help of one of the members of the group, to make the review of the book by including the photos taken - produced with Tara. The video also included really short brief summaries on each slide, to give others an idea of what the book is about - to then add at the really end our overall personal comments over the book's plot. Lastly, our hack idea then got shared on the Reading Activists' website and Youtube.