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Summer Volunteering 2016

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What is it?

Join this hack to log your volunteering hours.

Volunteer at a library to help with this year's Summer Reading Challenge.

Where will it happen?

A library near you.

When is it?

Summer 2016


Libraries all over the UK run The Summer Reading Challenge over the summer holidays and they need your help. As a volunteer you could be involved in all sorts of exciting activities such as helping children choose books to read, handing out prizes, organising craft activities and book displays.

It's an opportunity with lots of benefits, from making new friends to building confidence, gaining work experience and something that looks great on your CV!

To get involved, ask at your local library or email

Join this hack and record your volunteering hours.

Add volunteering hours and activity to get skills and skills badges.

Activity log

I helped at the Big Summer Read 9 times over the Summer for 2 hours each.

Volunteered at the Summer Reading Challenge at my local library.


This is all of my November volunteering

Today I was tidying away all the summer reading challenge things.

Today I prosessed new books as well as dealt with returns and did some shelving.

The Big Friendly Read in my local library over the summer was really fun!

These were my hours:

15/07/16= 3-5pm
18/07/16= 3.30-4.30pm
26/07/16= 2-3pm
11/08/16= 2.30-3.30pm
19/08/16= 10-12pm
25/08/16= 2-4pm

It's over now, but i'm definitely doing it next year!

I have really enjoyed my volunteering work so I started in July and have volunteered for one to two hours per week for the Summer Reading Challenge. Now to start working on the Roald Dahl Week. So excited!

Today, I started to clean the store room. I moved lots of boxes to the store and then I tidied the library. I put away lots of books.

10 September 2.5 hours
Presentation day and I received a certificate for my volunteering.

Last day! :-[
Sad its over!

2 August- 3 hours
5 August- 3 hours
6 August- 3 hours
10 August- 3 hours
12 August- 3 hours
17 August- 3 hours
20 August- 3 hours
22 August- 3 hours
27 August- 3 hours
3 September- 3 hours

So sad its over for this year, ready for the next!

Friday 2 September - 2 hours
Saturday 3 September - 2 hours
Sunday 4 September - 2 hours
Monday 5 September - 2 hours

Tuesday 6 September - 2 hours
Wednesday 7 September - 2 hours
Thursday 8 September - 2 hours

25th July 10-12 = 2 Hours
4th August 10-12 = 2 Hours
11th August 10-12 = 2 Hours
20th August 10-1 = 3 Hours
2nd September 10-12 = 2 Hours

Today was my last day volunteering for the summer reading challenge. It was amazingly fun, and nice to talk to both children and adults. The awards ceremony was very busy and kept me on my toes, but that was good because it showed me how to remain calm in a busy working environment while treating the customer well. In conclusion, I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge.
My overall hours: 18.5
2nd August - 3.5 hours
5th August - 2 hours
8th August - 2 hours
9th August - 2 hours
22nd August - 2 hours
23rd August - 2 hours
24th August - 2 hours
and finally, today, 6th September, 3 hours.
I really enjoyed it :D

9th september: 2 hrs
30th august: 2hrs
3rd september : 2hrs
6th september: 2hrs

Today I used the program work flows to scan in two drop boxes full of books. I then labelled the books (for different York libraries or reservations). Some of the reservations you have to call the person so I did that.

Today I wrestled with the Summer reading and comunity events board in what I thought would be an easy display rejuvanation! Sadly my time with Acomb Explore and the Summer reading challenge has come to a close FOR NOW! Overall its been great and I would like to thank all the staff for their kind hearted attitude and warm welcome into the word of a Librarian! Thankyou.

Towards the end of the summer time I've been volunteering at some of the latest events related to famous books and authors as Roald Dahl - taking place at Gateshead Central Library, of which were:

Mrs Twits Menu: consisted of letting kids being creative by making their own menu with the most disgusting ingredients; as well as providing food during the event. E.g. Tasty Bird Pie, Octopus Eyeballs, Hairy Spider Legs, etc...

Marvellous Matilda: consisted of a story time, craft and creating different small objects with the food we provided to them.

BFR Celebration: on the last day we've celebrated the Summer Reading Challenge 2016, by letting kids taking part into the challenge for those who didn't yet. We spoke to families, parents and carers about how the SRC works and gave the last few medals to kids who read and borrowed 6 books.

Thanks to this opportunity, I gained different skills. As communication and team work.

I have done 9 hours this summer with the following events:

Whipplescrumptious - 1hr
Chocolate Olympics - 1.5hr
Creature Up Close - 1hr
Mrs Twit's Trick Menu - 1hr
Marvellous Matilda - 1hr
Big Friendly Celebration - 3.5hr

Today I made a display about the end of the summer reading challenge. I promoted the end date and some activities happening in the library. I then gave children prizes as well as imputing that on to the computer.

Today I did my last 2 hours of volunteering at my local library. Overall this has been a fantastic experience and I feel that it has improved communication skills and my confidence when speaking to others. Hearing all of the nice comments from staff and customers has made me more confident throughout my volunteering and it is defiantly something that I would like to pursue again.

24 hours In total, not bad

17/07 2 Hours Launch Ceremony
10/08 2 Hours Knitting for Beginners
17/08 2 Hours Splendiferous Dahl Crafting
24/08 2 Hours Minecraft Mayhem

It has been my third year as Senior Volunteer for Hereford Library. This year the library was being refurbished, so most of the reading challenge took part in the School Library Bus. This was a popular change for the kids who loved going into the library van, and having a Marquee outside meant we could make the most of the summer. This year I have volunteered about 45 hours. It has been a great year and I cant wait to find the results!!!

last day :(

22/7 4 hours start day very busy!
24/7 3 hours
28/7 4 hours
11/8 4 hours
13/8 4 hours
1/9 4 hours
3/9 4 hours
I have enjoyed helping out and seeing children finish the challenge.

Just painting golden eggs for Explore a stories Jack and the beanstalk. Its not easy as I thought!

I am so happy to see the pride in the faces of the kids who are completing the challenge :)

In the library I have been helping out with events, read to kids ,sorted out books, helped with the reading challenge and made posters

Day 8
Probably my last day before school and it was really quiet. Just totaled up the children who registered.

Today I helped the summer reading challenge by giving prizes to children as well as certificates. I then imputed it onto the database. I signed up 7 children and imputed them onto the database.

Today I collected all the reservations for the library and made a book display all colourful. I made it looked summery. I then gave out prises for the summer reading challenge as well as imputing it onto the database.

between Wednesday and Thursday I did mostly data inputting and of jobs

Day Five
Wednesday 24th August: 1pm - 4pm (3 hours completed)
I worked with another volunteer for the first two hours and alone for the final hour.

Hi Guys, I've been volunteering at Reading Hack for two years now. So far this year I've volunteered for 24 hours and 25 minutes which I feel is a big achievement. I'm also preparing to start a course for older people getting online in my local library after the summer holidays have finished,

Hope I can do it again next year

Finished my sixth and final day of volunteering! I really enjoyed the experience, however the most interesting day was the puppet crafting day!

Today was quite fun; I organised the whole table, that has all the info and stuff about the summer reading challenge, and I helped to top up on stock.


Day Four
Tuesday 23rd August: 1pm - 4pm (3 hpurs completed)
I worked with two other volunteers for the first two hours and one other volunteer for the final hour.

Help out with the craft sessions today and were a bit busy for the Summer Reading Challenge this morning.

16/8/2016, met some new friends

Started from 15/8/2016,10am-12pm

Day 7, and really enjoying being a volunteer. I'm glad I signed up :)

Day 7
We made dream jars and a little girl accidentally spilled her paint and water everywhere! Now the table has a purple-ish stain.
Also, there was a sign up card which had no surname or card number so I was told to call them up to ask for the surname. It was kind of nerve racking but easier than I thought :).

day 4
on 20/8/16 helped with build a story 10.30am to 11.30pm

day 3
on the 18/8/16 helped from 10.00am to 12.00pm

day 2
on the 9/8/16 helped from 2.00pm to 4.00pm

day 1
started on the 2/8/16 and I helped from 1.30pm to 4.00pm

Today was a quiet day at the library, as the afternoon shifts are, but I got to award another medal and file a few new people. I also found out that over 500 children have signed up so far; I didn't know there were so many in my area!

Today I have made the displays of book up to date and promoted them on social media. I then updated the cabinet full of Roald Dahl merchandise. I made a price list and stuck Roald Dahl characters over the walls. I finished off by tidying up the children's books and making their area look inviting.

Over the past month I have volunteered in the Big Friendly Reading Challenge and I have improved many skills, especially communication. Since I help lots of children from a range of ages in this program, I have to decide the best ways to talk to them and what questions they will benefit from the most. If the child is younger, I usually ask simpler questions such as "Who was your favourite character?". If the child is older, I ask things such as "What would you change about the ending of the book?".It was interesting to hear a range of answers and different points of view. I also noticed that some children were more confident than others, so I needed to choose the best questions to help them expand their answers and improve their own communication skills.

Day Three
Saturday 20th August: 1pm - 4pm (3 hours completed)
I worked with another volunteer during this session.

Day Two
Saturday 13th August: 1pm - 4pm (3 hours completed)
I was the only volunteer scheduled for this session

Day One
Thursday 11th August: 10am - 1pm (3 hours completed)
I was explained to what to do and worked with another volunteer on my first day.

I volunteered throughout July and August to help with the Big Friendly Read at my local library. I was surprised by the amount of children who were so eager to sign up despite the fact that I was like that when I did it! How busy I was really varied from day to day so it was quite unpredictable. The range of queries/questions I was asked was also a lot larger than I expected. Some children really relished in the opportunity to talk about the book they'd read while others were a little shy and needed a bit of encouragement. Many parents also used it to improve their child's confidence. Tidying up was required frequently!! The most challenging thing I experienced was the language barrier with some children (and parents) who did not speak very good English. I did particularly enjoy shelving books and making friends with other volunteers.

On the 14/08/16 I was shown how to do the reservations that have come in and how they are put on the shelf I then that my own pile of out 15 books to do ,I was also shown how to place books in transit that have been reserved from out libary to go else where in Worcestershire I then again had a pile of about 15 books to do

From 10-1pm helped with decorating the Giant BFG with the 5-7 ,I've never see so much glitter in my life

I then scanned the books and placed the books in the correct places to get the books delivered to the correct libraries around york.

Go check out the video posted on Acomb Explores' Facebook and Twitter page promoting the final big push for the reading challenge partakers. It was good fun to make as well as creating the Roald Dahl display for the library.

Today I have made a video promoting the summer reading challenge. Trying to encourage people to sign up and complete the challenge. I think helped make a Roald Dahl display and promoted the display and challenge onn social media. I then imputed how many books children had read onto the database and added new children to the system.

On 16/08/16 I helped some children update their summer reading challenge booklets and signed one child up for it.

This is my fourth summer with the Big Summer Read Volunteer Program. I have really enjoyed working with the library staff and the children over this time. Every child is different and presents their own set of challenges, I love this because it helps me to think better on my feet to solve problems!

I gave people their prizes and signed up 4 people for the summer reading challenge

Today I tidied the children's books and made the area look inviting. I then restocked the shop and made it look visually good.

Having a great time shelving and setting up shelving displays for the children's section of the library. I know however when story time ends I'll have to do it all again!

I've recently been helping out in the library by photocopying things and helping out in the reading challenge.

Charlie and the chocolate factory craft session and set up. Reading Hack meeting.

Recruiting and reading with children day

what i did was children came to me and they read me their book and told me what it was about

Help a child find a book and Signed up 4 more today. :-)

Still kids are signing up. 4 today!! And still enjoying helping out in the library!

i have helped with the reading challenge where children came to me and they told me what the book was about, which part they liked the best and they read be a small to just test them to see if they needed any help reading it. Also when there are no children coming to read i help with putting books in order or putting the children's surename in order

Monday 8th August : I joined children to the summer reading challenge. Later on i did data inputting into excel for those who joined the reading challenge.

Thursday 11th August : I did data inputting into excel for those who joined the summer reading challenge and signed of those who had completed the challenge.

I've been helping the staff to manage events and the library.

It was my first day volunteering , after some complications I was able to get into things and fully understand everything that was happening. I mostly did filing and logging things into the system.

Today is my fourth day as a volunteer but I hope it isn't as hectic as last Monday. Last Monday, I helped with the crafts making small boxes to put chocolate in. It could either be a normal box shape or with a heart (which was hard to make). As tempting as it was, I did not eat any chocolate! It was great fun but really wild with children wanting heart boxes!

This is my fifth day as a Summer Reading Challenge Volunteer. I got to help out at a session that Liz Million was running (children's author and illustrator). I also made preparations for a craft session that is taking place next Monday at my local library.

Still great hanging out and helping children in my local library. XD

Day 5, and counting, as a volunteer. Today was quiet, but I was able to get a few children to sign up, both to the big friendly read and the imagination challenge. Its nice communicating with others :)

I've been signing children up to the challenge and have also been helping organising the books in the library

Today I helped to file over 350 children's sign-up sheets to the summer reading challenge. First they were split into gender and age and that was logged on a spreadsheet. I then had to alphabeticallise them. It took quite a while, but I actually enjoyred it because it helped with my organisation.

I sign the children up to the Summer Reading Challenge. At least sign up 5plus more everyday. I help the staff shelf the books in the children and adult section. I lead the arts and craft activities on Saturdays with help from the library supervisors.

During the summer volunteering, I Help the staff to Manage activities that go on inside the library.

As a volunteer, I have been helping children read by listening to them summarize the books, help shelve books but have yet to do any events.

My 3rd day as a big friendly read volunteer. I got to award two girls their certificates and medals, and the look on their faces was irreplaceable. I'm glad I joined :)

My 2nd day as a library volunteer, and my first day on here. Yesterday was my first, and I was thrown in the deep end to help out with a puppet show at my local library shortly after a five min training session.Today was quite quiet, and I just sat and helped hand out info packs about the big friendly read to those who wanted to join.

my second day volunteering and i put together all the medals, 80 of them, and gave out rewards and even signed people up because they were on holiday the first few weeks.

Had some brilliant days sign up the kids, and giving them their rewards, they all look so happy

My third day of volunteering and I did some overtime helping to put together the medals.

My second year of volunteering with the SRC programe. Always enjoyable.

My first day for the summer volunteering!

Can't Wait to start volunteering for Season 2 of The Summer Reading Challenge ;)

i did volunteering it was amazing!!!!!!!!!!
the BFG came and we had snozzcumbers with him it was really fun helping the children

I did Work Experience in the Library. Will see if the atmosphere is as good when volunteering, if not then maybe better!

i started my training on Sunday 3 of July I met new people and had a great experience i will be starting my volunteering on Saturday 16 of July i will be meeting the BFG and the children!!!

Did my training on Saturday 9th July and start volunteering on Saturday 16th July excited but not sure whether or not i will like it so lets hope so will tell you after next saturday how i find it


Training on Friday!!