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Reading Well Poster Hack

  • Arts and crafts
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What is it?

Create a poster that promotes the Reading Well books and encourages people to read them as a way of learning about and supporting their health and wellbeing.

Reading Well is a booklist of 35 titles that help you understand and manage your emotions, and cope with difficult situations. The books are free to borrow from your local library. They’ve all been chosen by young people and health experts.

You may spot a poster promoting Reading Well next time you visit your library. The design was created with young people and encourages you to ‘find shelf help in your local library’. This hack challenges you to turn the design inside out and create your own!

Where will it happen?


When is it?

Any time


Read one of the Reading Well books. There are 12 topics around mental health and wellbeing to choose from. Then create a poster that promotes Reading Well and encourages people to read the books as a way of learning about and supporting their health and wellbeing.

Be as creative as you can with your poster, and when you’ve finished it, share it here on the activity log. You could also share it with your local public library to support their promotion of the booklist.

We’ll share the best posters on the website and on our twitter, so your Reading Well promotional poster could make you famous.

Find out more about Reading Well in the Discover section of the website.

Activity log

I have now finish my volunteering at the library and I have learnt many new skills.

I've been volunteering at the library, helping the young children with the summer reading challenge.