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What is it?

Recreate the plot of a book you love in six words, photos, emojis, drawings - or anything else you like!

You could tweet six emojis, use six pictures to make a comic strip or message another hacker and see if they can guess the book you’re talking about.

Where will it happen?

You can do this hack in your library or at home, and it works whether you're alone or with a big group.

If you’re in a group you can talk about your favourite bits of the book together, or you might all choose different books and try to guess which ones the other hackers are talking about.

When is it?

This hack is part of the Reading Hack does #LoveToRead festival, which takes place from 24 October to 6 November. Get involved on social media by tagging @ReadingHackers and using the hashtag #LoveToRead.


Think about the big turning points of the story and how the main characters are feeling. Talk about the moments that made you laugh, cry, gasp and shout, then choose your six favourites to recreate any way you like.

Activity log

This is my hack in 6

Done the 'Hack in Six', Have a guess at what it is...

Petroc College LTLS 'Hack in Six' in emojis

clara jones

kayleigh morris

here is our hack in six.
jake bushell.