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Help run a Chatterbooks Children's Reading Club

  • Arts and crafts
  • Arts Award taking part
  • Books
  • DofE Skills
  • DofE Volunteering
  • Help others

What is it?

Chatterbooks Children's Reading Clubs are reading clubs for children aged between 4 and 11. The clubs are run in libraries and schools around the UK. Find a Chatterbooks group and get involved in your local community and help children enjoy books and reading.

Where will it happen?

You can check in your local library to find out if they run a Chatterbooks club. You can also search on to find a Chatterbooks reading club near you.

Once you have found a group you can volunteer to help run the meetings, help with activities, and help children choose books they would like to read.


Helping others read can be very rewarding. Chatterbooks Children's Reading Clubs aim to get children having fun with books and enjoying reading. Children talk about what they are reading, take part in fun activities inspired by the best children's books, and choose new books to take home and read. Helping with a Chatterbooks reading club is a great way to get experience working with children, and to be creative.