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What is it?

The #iwill campaign promotes social action among 10-20 year-olds. #iwillWeek gives you the chance to share how you've made a difference.

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Where will it happen?

#iwillWeek is happening all over the country, but it's also great opportunity to ask about volunteering opportunities in your local library.

When is it?

#iwillWeek takes place between 21st-25th November.


Comment on this hack and let us know how you've made a difference through volunteering in your local library. Or get involved on social media: tag @ReadingHackers on Twitter or Instagram and use the #iwill hashtag.

Activity log

We make a difference to the community by creating events to encourage more people (including families and young adults) to visit the library as it is an environment that provides a range of different opportunities - by gaining new skills and abilities that could then be applied into the real world; as well as in circumstances and situations to make an individual stand out from the crowd. And its FREE!!!

In addition to that, we also try to encourage more people into reading by participating and volunteering in special nationak evnts throughiut thr year - offering free books for those who cant afford thrm or dimply wish to open their mimd and challenege themselves.

Lastly, we also give the opportunity to young people out there to express themselves by sharing theit ideas and boosting their confidence .

As a group we do a lot to benefit the local community. Firstly, we organise events for children/younger people to enjoy with there parents. Secondly, we volunteer for the summer reading challenge during the summer holidays in order to help the children during the many activities the library provides. On Halloween, we also helped a group of children carve pumpkins and play games. Also, we recently took an IKEA trip to buy items which we will use for an event in the local leisure centre as a santas grotto for the younger children and families to enjoy for a day in December. Lastly, we also help benefit local businesses. For example in the last few months, a women came into our meetings and tought us how to decorate cupcakes and by doing this we helped her in her business.

As a group we do a lot for the local community, we organise events for young people, targeted at children or even sometimes teenagers. Thanks to the support of the librarians, we get to support and encourage younger children to get involved in reading, as young volunteers. Such as the Summer reading challenge, which is a program where librarians and volunteers encourage children to read as many books as possible through their summer holidays. Furthermore, we've done activities during our weekly meetings, such as fundraise for local charities, and helped promote local businesses by decorating cupcakes to link with famous authors.

One way in which Reading Hack has made a difference in the community is that it has given a place for young people such as myself to go to and feel welcome through events aimed at young people. These events include World Book Night, the Summer Reading Challange and fundraisers for local charities. Reading Hack also helps local business as in one of our events we promoted a local cupcake shop owned by a local by getting involved and spreading the word out.