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Write a ending of a story

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What is it?

Basically, try and write a new ending to a story that you like, to make it better for you. For example: The author kills the protagonist, and you wished something else had happened.
It's pretty fun.

Where will it happen?

This is a silly section. It requires a little bit of common sense. If a 'hack' (god I hate that term, and the term 'hacker') says write something, you aren't going to need a Donald Trump's ego size space.
Write it wherever you see fit, in the park or at a desk.

When is it?

Fair enough, this section could be useful. Do it when you have actually read the book. I know, great advice.


Things you will need:
Paper if you are using a pen or pencil
Something hard to write oN
A brain

Step 1
Get you writing utensils together

Step 2
Let your imagination flow

Activity log

I did an alternative ending to the woman in Black. Here it is:
Alternative Ending to the Woman in Black
Soon after, I returned to London to find that my niece, Georgia, had been taken ill with tuberculosis. Hurriedly, Stella and I journeyed to the house which was seemingly going to be where Georgia’s death was to be witnessed.
However, almost as soon as we arrived, it was clear that yet another had been taken by the disease, so, hence, we were shut out of the home, with only the immediate family being allowed to enter. Outside this house I sat whilst screams escaped from the home’s surrounding walls. Screams of terror. Screams of pain. Screams of death.
Needless to say, later that night, my niece left this world along with her older sister, Eleanor, and their mother – my sister – Nancy.

Five months later Stella and I married and soon after we gave birth to our first child – a darling girl named Rosemary Nancy. Rosemary was the best daughter that I could have wished for. She was a sweet, bubbly and excitable little girl. Almost everything in this world made her laugh or smile.
Nevertheless, the curse of the woman in black carried on following me.
One day, in the summer of when Rosy (as we soon started calling her) was one, we were all out at the local park enjoying the best of the sunshine. Rosy was taking her first shaky steps, whilst all the time holding firmly onto Stella’s and my hands. It seemed like it was going to be a day that was to be treasured forever.
Soon after lunch, we came across an area of the park where rides were being given on either a donkey or a pony and trap. Excitedly, Rosy started pointing and crawling towards the pony and trap. This ride had only room for two, so Stella and our daughter set off down the track whilst I set off to get some ice cream.
Ten minutes later I arrived back at the pony and trap ride to find an unexpected on looker. Jennet Humfrye – the woman in black. Jennet is staring down towards where my family are enjoying the ride.
Suddenly, the pony spooks and the trap with Stella and Rosy gets thrown against a tree. All around me people have gone silent and are staring at what has happened, trying to make sense of it all. It seems I was the only one to have seen the ghost Jennet Humfrye, and was able to know what was about to happen.
I look up to see Rosy on the floor dead. She had been thrown against a nearby tree. It pained me to think that I would never see her smile or hear her laugh again.
Then I looked for my wife, she was at least alive, however with life-threatening injuries.
Ten months later she too died from what happened in that horrendous pony and trap ride.
You asked for my story. I have told it. Enough.