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Summer Volunteering 2017

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What is it?

Volunteer at your local library to help with this year's Summer Reading Challenge!

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When is it?

Summer 2017.


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Activity log

During the summer, I've helped in running events for children. I welcomed guests in and asked them to sign out forms, I chatted with the children about things related to the event we're running and I've also helped in tidying up the place after the event is finished.

Now, I'm learning a new skill every week. Last week, I've learned how to create eye-catching book displays.

I finished my Summer Reading Challenge this year feeling really proud and pleased with myself. This years voluntary work, I pushed myself to do things that I wouldn't have necessarily done before such as manage phone calls and prepare rewards for presentations etc. It was very rewarding working as a team to help all of the local children finish the challenge by reading six books over the six weeks holiday.

I loved doing this Animal Agents Summer Reading Challenge.

I've been sorting out the SRC statistics, including how many participants have completed the challenge so far

today is my last day and I have enjoyed working with other members of staff and I also asked children questions about their favourite books and I gave them a medal a certificate and their last stickers and I praised them and told them to come next summer

I helped give out medals and certificates to the children who had completed the challenge.

This summer of volunteering has been really fun, today I've given lots of kids their final prizes for finishing the reading challenge and served as tech support too! :)

I have enjoyed being a reading hack. I had to sign children up to join the reading challenge, giving them information about the challenge. I handed out the packs and filled out the registration cards. When they completed reading 2 books they came back and I handed out the stickers and prizes. I also helped around the library doing shelf checks and putting books back once they had been returned and made sure books are tidy on shelf.

At the Library, I have been giving out certificates, medals and bands as well as signing up new people interested in the Summer Reading Challenge. I organised the stickers and the medals.

I've not seen any kids for the reading challenge today so I mostly organised books and tidied the area.

It's been pretty quiet so far, so I've mostly been shelving and tidying shelves, as well as putting books into the right order. During busier times I have helped customers with both the computers and the wii, and when possible I have helped to sort out incoming deliveries and called those whose reservations had arrived.

today is my last volunteering session and i finished by giving 4 children their final reward for completing the challenge and another child the reward for doing the first two. I organised the entire Adult Non-Fiction section as well.

I helped library staff create the to do list for the reading challenge and find books which are being sent to other libraries. I'm lead volunteer so I help the other volunteers if they have any questions or needed any help. I have been shelving books in strict ordering. I also helped to increase the children's confidence as well as listening to them tell me about their books. I have been managing the supplies of all the prizes. I helped to create the summer reading challenge display. I sorted out and then took out the books for the reading groups. I have helped parents and children take out and renew books. I created a new display for the teen section.

Over the Summer I have really enjoyed building confidence and allowing children to gain confidence through reading and talking about their books.

Today I helped 4 children getting their final rewards for reading all 6 books and 1 child with their reward for reading book number 3 and 4. I also organised the adult non-fiction section

Today I helped four children who had completed their challenge. I also arranged the large print and crime section in order

I love seeing how happy the children and parents are when their get their prizes.

Every time I have come here to volunteer, I have done shelving when the library has been quieter, focusing mainly on the children's section but also shelving general fiction and non-fiction.

Every week so far, I have helped out with story and craft time, interacting with children and helping them create and decorate things.

Last week, I spoke to a few children about their books. While it was quiet, I tidied up the children's section, restocked on stickers, put the fiction books in order and sorted out the non-fiction section.

I tidied up some books and put them into the right places. I also helped two children who had completed the challange

Today was my first volunteering session this holiday. I gave two girls their final prizes for finishing the challenge and helped order the fiction books in the children's section.

I have been signing up many young children to the summer reading challenge and have also helped to encourage them to get to the end to receive the prizes.

A few weeks ago on a Friday I helped sign up 2 children to the summer reading challenge and I rearranged some books that were misplaced

Had a lot of fun so far, especially when helping out during the reading challenge, I helped tidy the shelves for a bit too. Volunteered for 6 hours so far.

Today I helped 3 kids find books, I also helped tidy the shelves in the childrens section.

Today I helped 3 kids find books, I also helped tidy the shelves in the childrens section.

If you have ten minutes to spare, fill in the Reading Hack summer volunteering survey. All replies will be entered into a prize draw to win a £50 voucher!

Over 6 days I have volunteered for 21 hours so far, including helping with the Dawlish carnival and helping to organise the books around the library.

At my library we do volunteering in 4 hour intervials. So far I've done 7 totaling to 28 hours.

Reading books to children at Dudley Library

Dinosaur Making

Q Festival

Spider making

I did my first volunteering session on the 24th of July and finished all 20 hours yesterday. I'm also doing 8 extra hours of volunteering with my library. Being a reading chanellege volunteer has boosted my communication skills and my abilty to answer questions efficiantly. Throughout the 5 sesions I've done so far I've seen many exited faces coming to the desk ready to collect thier reward for rewding the books. I've signed up many people, spoke to children about their books, rewarded medals and certificates, put checked in child books back on the shelves and put the aplications in alpetical order. I have gained a wide range of skills from volunteering and I'm happy that I signed up and will be doing it again in 2018.

I signed up a few children to the challenge this morning! It was super busy - we had a lot of children talking about their books!! I gave out a few certificates but only for Animal Agents - none for Imagination. At lunchtime, it quietened down so I helped to sort out the books and top up the displays. I also stocked up on more stickers, sharpened pencils and made sure the children's area was kept tidy. I ensured that colouring sheets were available and that the rubbish was put in the bin. I made sure that the children's books were grouped together so that stories can be found easily!!

I signed a couple of children up for the reading challenge but it was very quiet.

I was asked lots of questions which was fun

Today I signed up quite a few children to the challenge and I helped kids with some colouring in and word search activities. Plus, I asked them questions about the books t hat they had read.

Today I signed up quite a few children to the challenge and I helped kids with some colouring in and word search activities. Plus, I asked them questions about the books t hat they had read.

Today I signed up quite a few children to the challenge and I helped kids with some colouring in and word search activities. Plus, I asked them questions about the books t hat they had read.

I did my first 3 hour session today! I signed two people up for the ImagiNation Challenge and about 10 for Animal Agents!! When it was quiet, I helped to sort out the library books, sharpened the colouring pencils and restocked on the stickers!

Today I organised the forms and I filled in any gaps. I also signed a few children in.

Helped with crafts session today. Included a special visit from the local police and their mascot Bobby Bear.

I signed a few children up for the reading challenge and organised stuff for the challenge.

Last Monday I helped out with the crafts which was cutting out random eyes, noses and mouths to make weird faces. I then shelved some books.
This week Monday I helped out a little with the crafts - making masks - and sorted the non-fiction kids books.

Yesterday I shelved some books, I signed many children up to the summer reading Challenge and I gave them the stickers that they had earned. I also helped children find the books they were looking for.

Sorting the children's stories

Shelving and tidying books

I helped kids make junk models today

I managed to help lots of people today, signed two new people up and gave one person their medal

I helped two children, found some books for people

Today I arranged the shelving of Junior Fiction books in alphabetical order, I spoke to parents about the Challenge and I signed some children onto it.

Today I took helped with an arts and crafts activity making bookmarks

Today I arranged part of the non-fiction section for children in numerical order and I helped some girls use the computer. I also told parents about the Challenge.

Today was super quite and I only gave one person some stickers. I helped organise the children's section

Today I helped progress a brother and sister through the reading challenge. I arranged the teen section into alphabetical order.

I signed up 1 person. Gave 4 people for 2 book reward. 1 person the 6 book reward. Sorted out the books. And found books that had to go to another library...

3 days ago on Friday, It was not a very busy day and I only signed up one child to the reading challenge in the one hour I was there. In the spare time I cut out the questionnaire leaflets for the library.

i did stuff

Signed up 2 people.

Signed up 2 people.

Made too many commitments, so I had to cut back on Sunday's volunteering, but I can still do the Friday. This is my fifth year doing this and I love every second.

Throughout this summer so far, I have volunteered for 13 hours at my local library. I have enjoyed signing up many children, recommending books, listening to the great descriptions of their books and rewarding them with stickers, medals and certificates. It is great to see how many children are such avid readers!

Quite busy today all through the afternoon. It was a pleasant day overall.

One person completed the summer reading challenge on Saturday

On Saturday it was quite quiet

i helped young and older children to have a understanding of what the summer read challenge was also i got to reward the children for how many books they read.

Today I have supervised and helped the children with a craft activity, signed 6 children on the the challenge and counted the cards for filing.

No one really cam to the library I helped stack the shelves which was quite fun I guess...

today i have stacked some books on the shelves no one really entered the library, spent around 2 hours within the library

Did 2 hours at the library...learnt how to shelve books and register people to the reading challenge.

I signed lots of people up and also gave lots of prizes for the treasure hunts!

I encouraged parents to sign their children up and I explained the challenge to the kids themselves. Also, I gave a group drawing activities that I helped them with.

Today I have helped tidy shelves in the children section, and I have helped children sign up to the challenge. I have also given the children some prizes for completing books.

I've signed up around 20-25 children so far, and I've been re-shelving books as well as helping people on the computers, there's always something to do.

I've signed up around 16 children so far.

I Love volunteering at Dudley Library

I helped to sign a few more children up to the Summer Reading challenge as well as tidying around the library and helping children with the code breaking activities

Although there were no crafts I helped at Dudley library to sort out the children's reading section

Helping out during the launch of the summer reading challenge

I volunteered at The Core Library in Solihull while Summer Reading Challenge 2017. Spent some lovely time helping kids to sign up and listening to them talking about books.

Today it has been a quiet day and I signed up 1 boy and helped 3 others carry on with their reading challenges. 1 girl finished her challenge and is the 3rd child to have finished completely this summer.

Volunteered at the Bunnies Tea Party for around 2 hours and helped the kids with various activities including a treasure hunt.

Bunnies Tea Party - Volunteered for a couple of hours at this event, helped the kids partake in treasure hunt.

Signed people up to do the challenge also helped out with baby bounce and rhymetime

today i have signed up 3 people.

It was very busy today I signed up 3 people. And gave 2 people the 2 book reward. Also I sorted out the books. Influenced people to sign up. I have also played warm and cold in the activity hunt.

Signed a few children up for the reading challenge but it was mainly quiet today.

Today I helped 3 children start their reading challenges and gave 2 children rewards for reading certain amounts of books. I helped to find books that were misplaced and tidy shelves. I also helped to find books that were hard to find for the little ones.

Started by stacking books on shelves. Later, I signed up about 5 kids, and talked about books with about 10 kids.

I signed up two people today, prepared some packs for the children starting the challenge, and gave a child his final reward for completing the Summer Reading Challenge. I also sorted some books.

Signed up 30+ today some coming back for stickers and a few finished, sorted books, tidied the children's section and folded some medal wallets.

signed up nearly 30 people within the 5 hours.

signed up 2 people and created my account on reading hack website

Signed up 27 people for the challenge. Helping children with the hunt for the people. And I have been sorting the books.

Really busy today,signed children up and talked to some about their books.

Had an amazing day helping with crafts activities this afternoon all based around the Captain Underpants books!

I volunteered for two hours both in Monday and Wednesday, and today I'm about to do a full day. Mainly been organising and signing kids up to the challenge, but on Wednesday we had a launch session and I really enjoyed helping kids to do activities and reading to them - it was chaotic though!

Mega busy today,20+ new starters and a couple starting to come back ready to move onto phase 2 - already! Looking forward to getting stuck in tomorrow helping with the craft sessions!

This is my last session but it is really quiet and there are not many children to help. As a result I am on the computers logging my activity online rather than helping children. This has been a great time and I have loved helping the children and helping them to complete their reading challenges and telling me about their favourite parts of their books and their opinions on these said books. I have really love helping and will hopefully do it next year, it is amazing seeing thekids

Today was my first session on the summer reading challenge in 2017, I have done it once before. I started by tidying the books in the childrens section and creating a display that was to do with animals and detectives. I am also helping to encourage children to do some activities in the library and take part in the summer reading challenge.

Today was my first volunteering session and I started by sorting out some books and putting the medals into the packs. I am also helping younger children with their Summer Reading Challenge. I am learning new skills such as, how to help children find the books they want and where to put books in and around the Library

Today I started my first volunteering session by sorting out the rewards and putting the medals together. I am learning how to help children to start or complete the challenge. Also I am learning to put books in certain orders to keep everything tidy

I did my first session of volunteering, I did some filing, organising, listened to the children about the books and explained what the challenge was.

Helped during a 'rhyme-time' session at library and signed a few children up for the reading challenge.

Helped sign children up to the reading challenge; fill information into a spreadsheet; did some shelving and found books to be delivered to other libraries.

I helped an adorable pair of twins today complete their summer reading challenges.

I will be volunteering for the following events this summer; Animal Story, Bunnies Tea Party, Bees, Bugs and mini beasts, Pop up makers, Amazing Animals.

It was fairly busy today, the staff are really nice and I enjoyed it a lot, I know this is going to boost my confidence a lot.

Gosh - today was busy, busy, busy!! I only went for half an hour to help out but from 12 - 2 it was non stop!!

A few children signed up in my local library today. Was very busy towards the beginning of my shift but did die down towards the end!! Still enjoyed it!!

Just started volunteering and helped sign kids up for the reading challenge but it was quite quiet today.

Just started volunteering, signed kids up for reading challenge today but very quiet in the library

Second session of volunteering and so far not much different from the last...extremely quiet...haven't helped any children at all...

I have just finished lots of different hacks and I am excited to potentially see some children coming in later.

Quite quiet in the library with not many people around, not great for helping the children as there are none to help :(

I am excited to sign up some more children to the summer reading challenge. Animal agents is a very interesting theme and I feel many children should enjoy reading books with this category.

I have been sorting out the messy shelves from naughty kids who didn't put their books away.

I have been helping children log their books that they have read and their opinions on the different books. It is great fun listening to their view on the books and their perception on what it was about. Some of them are so adorable and interesting!

I met with my local library manager to confirm dates for volunteering.

I start my volunteering today but it is very quiet so here I am...

Had the training session for the volunteering on the 15th

Signing kids into the challenge

Go check out my new hack called Old Character New Book

I had e meeting today talking about the reading challenge

Putting the children books back on the shelf in Corby library