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This includes being invited to new hacks, findout out about new competitions and getting direct messages from the Reading Agency.

Promote Reading Well for Young People

  • Film making
  • Photography
  • Music
  • Events
  • Digital
  • DofE Volunteering
  • Books
  • Social media
  • Activism

What is it?

Make it easy for other young people to find out about the Reading Well for Young People scheme by promoting it in the library and online. The ideas here are a good start, but you can be as creative as you like with this hack.


Familiarise yourself with the list. You don’t have to read everything, but it will help you to know what books are available and how they might be helpful.

Get creative. Make a library display, design posters, set up a ‘comments and reviews’ box, organise an author visit/ awareness event or set up a reading group.

Think about digital too. Film a promo video, start a review blog or use Instagram to showcase the books on the list.

However you promote the Reading Well for Young People scheme, make sure the ‘Shelf Help’ leaflets are included. This is important so that young people who read the books know where they can go for additional information and support.