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What is it?

The idea behind this hack is to share your favourite characters and knowledge of books. You and your friends can have good fun creating and doing this hack which is ideal for quiet times when volunteering.

Where will it happen?

Each of you should write 3 characters each (which you all know a little about) onto a post-it-note. then take it in turns to randomly pick a post-it-note and without looking, put it on your forehead. The others then have to give you clues to get you to guess what the character is. Each person has 3 guesses per turn, and the others can't say the character's name or book they are from.

When is it?

Any time when you have a spare moment as it doesn't require much setting up or much space.


You will need post-it-notes, pens and you should sit around a table so you can all see each other. Before playing, make sure that you all know something about each character on the post-it-notes.

Activity log

My favourite character is Marjane from Persepolis. She is honest and funny and she makes the book really fun and enjoyable to read.