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What is it?

Choose a character from a book that you know well and imagine them in a completely different book. How would they interact with other characters? Would they be a main character? Etc etc

Where will it happen?

You can do it where ever! You just need to be creative.


You could draw fanart, write a short story, create a song, make a video, or just post your idea online.

Activity log

I would put Coco (from Cathy Cassidy's Chocolate Box Girls books) into Harry Potter. I think this would be interesting because Coco loves animals so might spend a lot of time helping Hagrid. This could mean that Hagrid may not have been so loyal to Harry, Ron and Hermione, meaning that the series could have had a very different ending.

I've put hagrid from harry potter into hetty feather as I think he'd be a kind and loyal friend for her and would help a lot.

I would put Margret from North and South into Far From The Madding Crowd as I think it would be really interesting to see how she reacts to the complex situation Bathsheba is in and which way Margret's strong heart leads her. Both are classics and books I would highly recommend.

I have chosen Eleanor from Eleanor and Park to be in The Manifesto On How To Be Interesting because I feel like she may get on well with Bree and Holdo (from TMOHTBI)...

So I have chosen the character August from Wonder to be in thirteen reasons why, now this is interesting as Auggie at first starts to feel really bad about the way he looks. This may make the two story lines clash about how the two main characters are feeling. As Hannah committed suicide and August may want to....