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What is it?

Step 1: Sign-up to ImagiNation 2017 at your local library

Step 2: Choose & read a book from your library. Maybe choose something you don't usually read?

Step 3: Grab an ImagiNation book belly band and creatively express on there how the book made you feel.

Step 4: Once finished, secure the belly band around that book with a bit of tape.

Step 5: Take a picture of your book and band and upload it to the site.

Step 6: Place your book with its belly band on the ImagiNation display in your library to inspire other young people to read.

Step 7: Keep going! Do as many as you like.

Step 8: At the end of the summer, collect your reward for taking part.

Where will it happen?

The good thing is that it can be done in almost any space. If you want to go big with this and will need lots of space and equipment, talk to your local library staff who will help you.

When is it?

This is for the summer months. ImagiNation starts July 15 2017 and runs until the start of September 2017.


What could your next step be? Could you take it one stage further and try to animate or film what you've done?

Use your ImagiNation!

Activity log

Here is my imagination for:
Alan Gibbons The cold heart of summer

When you enter the grounds
You will hear strange sounds
As if someone was whispering
“Don’t go to the Grange”

Chills will run down your back
When you hear mirrors crack
Almost as if Sexton was there
Don’t go to the Grange

When you see the dead girl in the lake Jane
You know she was the girl who died by a cane
So watch out for piggey eyed Sexton
Don’t go to the Grange

One day Sexton will posess the one you love
And try to kill you starting with a shove
But if your lucky Jane will save you
Don’t go to the Grange

By Kathryn Johnston

Goodnight Mister Tom is a heartwarming book that brings a tear to your eye. This book is set in WW2 and based on the evacuee William Beach,who is sent to the countryside from London where his religous mother beats him if he does anything in the sin of god. But Mister Tom does not beat or threaten him he is nice to Will and after a while Will comes out of his shell and makes friends. As time goes by he gets a lot of friends, and a best friend Zack, he gets lead role in a play, and the town get to know him really well and on his birthday embrace him with presents, joy and laughter. But when his mother is ill, months and months later, she calls for Will to come home but when his,mother finds him in a happy mood and he keeps on asking questions and showing her the presents she is appaled at his sin and thinks he begged for the presents and that he is a liar about saying he had friends and that he made a jewish friend she chains him in a cellor and beats him leaving bruises everywhere. But with kind Mister Tom getting suspicous about why Will is not writing to him, he gets the train and finds him in the awful state,the mother had run away and left him. He is returned to the countryside but will he recover and are his friends fine? Read to find out! I love this book and i recommend this for ten to twelve.

This is book is about a young boy who is very good at computers and deciding he would hak into the queens database by using the high powered blokinh software application called the world. This is a very high teq gaget so no one else can get hold of it except the master of all computers. This is very Dangerous and you should never play with software if you are unsure or do not know anything between Hardware and highly secure + reliable Software