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Ideas for books.

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What is it?

Do you have any ideas for books that you wish someone or you could write? Share them. Discuss ans extend on ideas.


Share book ideas. Discuss and extend on others' ideas.

Activity log

A boy discovers that he has an evil superpower to make people do what he wants with his mind.At first he has fun but after a while he wishes he could be normal.He can't control himself and disaster erupts.Can he stop himself before it's too late?

A book about this new era of post-truth. Where it is difficult to tell the difference between fact and fiction resulting in a revolution.

A young girl goes high and above trying to impress her over-bearing, adrenaline-junkie mother. Soon enough this lands her in hospital where she comes to terms with the meaning of her life and who she is. While in a self-induced coma

a girl mixes between warewolf and vampire all her life and goe on adventure to find a cure in the end she isn't warewolf or vampire but turns into a witch

an idea for a book:

a girl finds out she has a twin that she never knew about living on the other side of the world. she goes on quest to find her but she then realises the rteason her sister disappeared was a lot more sinister than she first thought. she has to fight villains.

An idea for a book I began writing was that there were two sisters who escaping from the tyranny of their mean stepmother escaped through a Narnia-like cupboard. They face many challenges fighting off the evil monsters that are recruited by their mother. They have to work together to escape and become truly happy.