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Animal Agents

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What is it?

Volunteer at the local library to help the younger children fill in their reading scheme application and progress charts.

Where will it happen?

A local library

When is it?

As many times in the week


Speak to a librarian about how they can volunteer and when.

Activity log

I really enjoyed the summer reading challenge! Great way to boost communication and leadership skills!

I enjoyed the animal agents a lot I was really fun I might do it next year

I enjoyed Animal Agents Reading challenge so much and did work sheets for the children to do over the summer holidays.

I'm really enjoying this challenge to help young people.Working with other volunteers has been a good experience for me.The library staff are very friendly and are always willing to help.

Amazing experience that has helped me to improve my communication skills and my confidence in talking to all age groups

This has been an amazing experience

It has been a great experience as it has given me good communication skills

Worked three days so far and it's definitely built my confidence up. Not only is good for your CV but it can also help with communicating with all different kinds of people

Volunteered for two days so far, and the experience has been really helpful in building my confidence. I'll be carrying on throughout the summer.

Helping out all summer. A lot of fun.

I've been helping out this summer. I will definitely do it again.

I have helped out in the summer reading challenge.It's been fun

I've been volunteering as a helper of this challenge this summer and it's been an amazing experiance

Helping children in the summer reading challenge

Last Saturday I did work experience for two hours in the library.I spent time with various children doing arts and crafts and giving book recommendations.Children are excited by the idea of animal agents and the possibility of gaining stickers.I have so far thoroughly enjoyed the experience.Also working with other volunteers in the library gives me new ideas for possible tasks i could do with children.I would recommend if you are not currently in the future to volunteer.

On Tuesday helped out with SRC and shelved books, Volunteered for 4 hours. On Thursday helped out SRC and registered kids for the SRC. Handed leaflets to kids to invite them to the Neal Zetter show. (Volunteered for 4 hours)