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Who reads anymore? I'd rather listen to music.......

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What is it?

Become a songwriter and write a song based on a favourite read.


Choose a read. Pick a melody. You might have someone musical in the group who can write and play their own melody, but if not, pick a tune that you like and look up karaoke version of the song on the internet. Now all you need to do is create your own words to fit the melody.
Think about the book:
• What did you like about the book?
• Which parts got you thinking about something in your own life?
• Are there any words or images that really stand out?
• Think of ONE thing about the book NOW! What was it? Even if it’s a really small detail, it doesn’t matter, it stuck in your head for a reason!
Have a go at writing some lyrics based on the ideas you’ve discussed and notes you’ve written. The song will need a verse, a chorus and then another verse. It’s a bit like writing a poem. The aim is to try and get something about that book across, so it might just be a feeling, an image in the book, or some lines from the book that you felt were significant. It doesn’t have to be perfect.
Why not make a video of your new song and share on social media?

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