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Volunteering at the library

  • Help others
  • DofE Volunteering
  • DofE Skills
  • Books

What is it?

Helping with library duties and activities.

Where will it happen?


When is it?

Any day


Contact your local library or Duke of Edinburgh contact.

Activity log

Not currently started, going down my local library tomorrow to see if I can volunteer once a week.

Tidied up the junior section.

Made origami ducklings for Easter.

Went through the children's book box and stacked some crime books.

Stacked books and put them in the right sections (e.g crime books, children's books and etc.)

25th of November using the desk scanner to scan peoples books

2nd of December helped sort out the studying section

9th of December tidying u book sections

16th of December helping find missing books

23rd of December sending books to peoples houses

13th of January helping tidy up the kids reading section

20th of January Making study fliers

17th of February sharpening pencils

17th of February helping clean out old boxes

24th of february helping clean up

helping with the play station