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Helping Dyslexic People Read (Book Club)

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What is it?

Get involved in your local community and
help others read.
They, just like you are HUMAN and need help just as much as YOU do.
Please treat everybody in your reading group with respect and help them! Don't push them too far, or they will give up. Start easy and work your way up, you will see a massive difference in the members of your book club, and when you do remember to reward yourself. :)

Where will it happen?

Check your local library or youth center to see what volunteering opportunities they have.


Helping others read can be very rewarding. Whether it's reading to the elderly in a local care home, helping children read in your local library or even reading to your siblings.
Get your confidence up by reading to people, before you start a reading club. Dyslexic people LOVE when you read to them. See what's available in your local area!