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Summer Volunteering 2018

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  • Help others
  • DofE Volunteering

What is it?

Volunteer in your local library to support the Summer Reading Challenge 2018: Mischief Makers.

Get involved to gain new skills and experiences for your CV, support your community and inspire children to read over the summer holidays!

Where will it happen?

Summer volunteering takes part in libraries across the UK. Ask at your local library about volunteering opportunities.

When is it?

Volunteering opportunities will be available over the summer holidays.


There are lots of things young volunteers do to help run the Summer Reading Challenge. Take a look at the different hacks on this website for event and activity ideas.

Activity log

Finally reached the end of this years challenge! seen so many happy, smiley faces when they get their medals :) Its been so rewarding.

By prize I mean what the reading hack volunteer is supposed to receive as a reward at the end and if they get it online. Thanks

Also could someone let me know what the prize is thank you.

Could people please let me know other basic interesting activities the reading hack is supposed to do as well as the giving out of prizes and shelving. It has been fun. I am just worried I am not do everything I am supposed to do and have been stupid. Thank you.

I am going to do this volunteering for a couple of weeks and am looking forward to it. So far I have done a couple of days.

doing the storytime for kids was great !

Dofe Volunteering going great..built self-confidence and gained responsibility

Loving the theme this year, and not having a bright read t-shirt, haha

I really enjoyed my first day last week, seeing all the children so excited to start the reading challenge really warmed my heart!

on my first day, I had a conversation with a member of a library staff and she explained on what this summer challenge is going to be about and what the activities will help us to do. im really excited to start my first day as a volunteer meeting fantastic young people

In my first day, I was constructing Visit 1 packs and helped children start the Summer Reading Challenge. My first day was on the 14th of July.