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Broomhill Library Summer Volunteering 2019

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What is it?

Come and volunteer at Broomhill Community Library to support Space Chase, the Summer Reading Challenge 2019

When is it?

Over the summer holiday, starting July 13th.


There are lots of things young volunteers do to help run the Summer Reading Challenge.

Some common roles include:

  • Helping staff to sign children up to the Summer Reading Challenge

  • Helping children to choose new books

  • Talking to children about the books they've been reading

  • Giving out incentive items and certificates as children progress through the Challenge

  • Helping to promote and lead summer activities such as craft sessions, story-times and coding clubs

  • Helping to create library displays

Take a look at the different hacks on this website for more event and activity ideas.

Contact your local library to find out about volunteering opportunities in your area. Click here to search for your closest library service

Activity log

We consistently used the games and puzzles. Lego usually comes out 2-3 a week. Puzzles were used, usage tapered off though

2nd 3rd and 4th of September. Usual library business.

28/29 Aug - changed displays, organised books and entire picture book section, rewarded, organised registration cards, labelled books, photocopied sheets, answered questions.

Today and on Tuesday I sorted books.

organised + labelled books,
sorted displays,
answered questions,
gave rewards.

Today and yesterday I organised books and labelled some new ones.

Answered enquirers,
gave rewards,
sorted out the registration cards,
labelled books,
actually helped a tiny child,
photocopied activity sheets,
and last but not least - organised books.

usual stuff

19/20 Aug
The usual + labelling books

12/Aug - 16/Aug
Sorted out books for sale,
labelled and organised books,
gave rewards.

Today: labelled more books, and gave rewards. The usual.
Yesterday I labelled books, and created and hung up a poster outside for a lost necklace. On top of usual library activity

Registered people for the reading challenge,
organised books,
answered questions.

Yesterday I organised books, sharpened pencils and gave out some prizes for the summer reading challenge.

Organised books,
gave rewards,
helped find books.

Placed some books on the shelves and helped give children their rewards for the reading challenge. Also, I helped some customers by helping them find the books they were searching for.

07/09/2019 - Roni and I counted the amount of people who joined up for the reading challenge,
gave rewards,
signed 2 children up to the reading challenge (so it's 164 now),
answered questions.

I helped some children in the reading challenge by giving them there rewards. Made sure the library was kept tidy and gave some recommendations to children about books which I have read. Also, me and Neha counted the number of children who signed up for reading challenge and it was 162.

Photocopied sheets, organised books, answered questions.

Stacked some books and helped some children in finishing the space jigsaws.

I signed some people up to the summer reading challenge and I sorted a lot of books.

Helped some children by giving them awards for the reading challenge. Also, I stacked some books, set up some jigsaw and made sure the floor was kept tidy.

2nd of August: general book organisation. Got out the lego and jigsaws (and put them away) Taught some kids how to play the space card game.
3rd of August: Signed various children up for the reading challenge and gave out prizes. I also labelled and shelved a new delivery of books. The blue folder has everything we need in it.

30/July/2019 - observed the music thing and consolidated the knowledge that children really like hitting things.
31/July/2019 - Stayed in until 16:00ish instead of 13:30
Photocopied the activity sheets
Signed someone up for the reading challenge
Organised books on both floors.

I did some stacking of books onto the shelves in the adult and children section. Also, we set up Lego and Jigsaw for children to play with.

I planned some arts and crafts activity’s and wrote down what materials we will need. I learned how to to sign people up to the summer reading challenge.

Organised books,
registered and signed people for the reading challenge,
answered inquiries,
sharpened pencils(???).

Organised books. Signed people up for the reading challenge. Made sure others understood the process for signing people up.Achieved artistic abomination

I did some book sorting. Also, Ella did arts and crafts, I joined in (it was so fun). Finally understood how to sign people to the reading challenge.

Helped arrange books,
Learnt how to use the photocopier,
Learnt how to register someone for the Space Chase,
Gave a medal to someone who had finished the Space Chase.

I helped in arranging books and learned how to use the library’s photocopier. Also, I met some new volunteers.

Showed the new vounteers round the library. Organised the books (those returned, and displays). I feel as though I need a more interesting log...

I helped in arranging the books in the shelves in the right order and discovered what the summer reading challenge for children is. Also, I had my induction.

Did the induction. Kept the displays in order and organised the books. Signed people up for the reading challenge and gave prizes. I also created a draft of an "instruction sheet" for new vounteers.

I have been preparing for the challenge and collecting resources.